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Discover Life-Changing Property Investment Opportunities

Property Investment With RenArt Is The Perfect Way To Make Tens of $1000s Without Working 'Til You Drop

Investing in property has been, throughout history, one of the most solid and least volatile forms of investment. Investors choose property because of its…

Capital Growth
(Increase In Value)
Ongoing Rental
Discover Life-Changing Property Investment Opportunities
Learn Exactly Which Property You Should Invest in At Your FREE, No-Obligation Discovery Session (Worth $530)

Investors New To Property Make These Money Murdering Mistakes...

Choosing a property based on some emotional reasons – part of the town they grew up, for example

Asking for advice from people who never invested in anything – like friends and family members

Not looking at demographic and other relevant, unbiased data about the area

Not considering things that are important to a potential buyer or a tenant

You Can’t Afford ANY Mistakes When You’re Risking Your Nest Egg

With your busy schedule, here are all of the important (and complicated) things you need to keep front of mind when you’re choosing a property to invest in…

Your investment capital.

Depending on whether you already own a property, or have a money deposit saved, you can get a loan to purchase your desired property.

Are you buying for capital growth

(buy now, sell at higher price – takes a lot of time, uncertain, but potentially more profitable), or for rental income (you collect monthly rent – safer, stable income).

Additional costs that may occur:

interest repayments, council rates and strata costs, repairs, management fees, insurance costs, vacancy periods…

Try to avoid

places on busy roads or directly under flight paths.

Waterside suburbs

appeal to both renters and future buyers and they tend to at least hold their value.

Look for locations with access

to employment, public transport, schools, and shops.

You don’t have to buy somewhere

close to where you live, but you need to be familiar with the pros and cons of a location.

Keep an eye

on vacancy rates, sales prices, and rental rates.

Look at the interest

in the area, the current population growth, and the projected population growth.

Discover Life-Changing Property Investment Opportunities
Learn Exactly Which Property You Should Invest in At Your FREE, No-Obligation Discovery Session (Worth $530)

RenArt's Property Guarantee

At RenArt, we’re committed to finding you a property that will TRANSFORM your financial future.

If fact, to put it bluntly, we do not make a cent until we do so. So you know your best interests are our best interests when it comes to finding a life-changing property, chosen with your individual situation in mind.

The RenArt Team Will Be The Difference For Your Property Portfolio

My name is Arthur Cox, and I’m the founder of RenArt – your trusted advisor in building your wealth and creating more secure and stable financial future for you, and your family

RenArt Consulting was formed with the concept of melding together the areas of Project Marketing, Acquisitions, Sales and Marketing, Administration and Customer Service into a strong, cooperative, continuous process. Our philosophy is straightforward: to assist you to invest directly in property and achieve your long-term financial goals. Because we’ve seen decades of property cycles, we know how the market behaves. With us, you’re not getting just a service from a consultant.

You get a partner, a trusted advisor and mentor to help on each step of the way of building your wealth and creating better financial future for you and your family. We’re property experts looking to create wealth with our years of experience (personal experience). We know the pitfalls, what to look for, what not to look for.

And we NEVER pressure you, or any of our clients to buy. We work with you until you’re comfortable enough to make the right decision.

RenArt’s strengths at your disposal include:

Networking between developers, clients and centres of influence

Formulating pricing strategies for maximum return on investment

Writing, designing and critiquing advertising and marketing material

Office management and administration for all sales both Investment and Owner occupied

Customer services/relations, including CRM systems

Research from original sources and through the internet

Sourcing quality suppliers & contractors for specialist areas of the business

About Arthur

Arthur Douglas Cox’s breadth of practical skills and experience derives from a range of key positions over the past 35 years. His comprehensive knowledge of the property market in Australia and Asia has been honed since leaving a distinguished career with the Advance Bank in 1993. Developers and agents both here and abroad have sought his leadership skills and expertise as a mediator.

With a high level of organisational ability and cultural awareness, Arthur moves easily between countries and business environments.

His responsibilities have included the preparation of Australian and Asian exhibitions (venue facilities, advertising, and selection of agents, staff training, and television promotions) as well as monitoring and overseeing the sales campaign through to the contractual stage.

About Renia

Renia Douglas Cox has developed expertise in customer services/relations, office management and administration, leadership and staff training. Through a career, which includes all aspects of quality customer service to the training of management personnel, Renia has shown her adaptability and willingness to facilitate and respond positively to the dynamic and changing structure of the company.

With an energetic and enthusiastic approach to managing people, Renia has shown a flair for management and provided strong and effective leadership to develop staff into a cohesive team.

As a facilitator of learning, she maintained a consultative role in having conducted analyses of training and philosophical requirements.

This has included coaching and guiding the team to provide individual support and guidance where necessary to maximise the individual talents of team members.

Discover Life-Changing Property Investment Opportunities
Learn Exactly Which Property You Should Invest in At Your FREE, No-Obligation Discovery Session (Worth $530)

The Services RenArt Offers Our Clients...

RenArt provides a holistic approach to Property Purchasing: We have relationships with specialized and experienced professionals that include Accountants, Finance Brokering Strategist, Insurance Specialist, Legal specialists and Financial Planners.

We are not about the trendiest suburb or get-rich-quick schemes; our goal is solely to help our clients invest in a way that makes good sense both today, and ten years from now.

We achieve this through a steadfast commitment to maximising outcomes from the following steps in property investment:


Are you buying for capital growth (buy now, sell at higher price – takes a lot of time, uncertain, but potentially more profitable), or for rental income (you collect monthly rent – safer, stable income).


We use strict criteria to identify investment development packages and properties that represent sound long term value, provide potential for long-term capital growth and are wanted by the targeted tenant market.


We utilize the services of professional finance brokers who are property finance experts, to establish efficient and responsible arrangements that enable portfolio expansion and provide adequate financial buffers.


We help investors develop clear and refined objectives and implement appropriate ownership structures, portfolio diversification and overall structure to minimize risk and enhance after-tax returns.

Legal Services

We introduce our clients to experienced solicitors who will handle all legal aspects of the property sale/purchase. The solicitors will also advise on other aspects such as wills and power of attorney, so important yet neglected in these circumstances.

Here Are Some Of The Properties We Helped Develop For Our Clients...

What Our Clients Said About Their Experiences Working With Us...

“I have purchased a number of properties in my 56 years both investment and primary home and I have never had an experience as easy, convenient and fulfilling as the last property I purchased using RenArt.
Renia and Arthur were so accommodating and informative that the whole process was a breeze.”

Rod Andriske

“It was a pleasure to work with RenArt who listened to what we wanted and provided excellent results.
From initial enquiry to wrap up, RenArt were very helpful, professional and prompt showing genuine interest in our objectives and were very enthusiastic during meetings ensuring that we were taking away valuable information to succeed in investing in real estate.”

Abner & Carlyn Cincollagas

“Just over 12 months ago, we were struggling financially to make ends meet, to now getting an investment property seemed unbelievable. You have made our dream come true, by enabling us to get our first investment property and creating brighter financial future for our family.”

Mark & Seeprai Spillane

“Our investment portfolio was a mess. Then we were introduced to Arthur through an industry survey that we had completed. Arthur, ever the consummate professional, was quick to understand our situation and then pull in specialists from his vast network of experts.
He brought us together with accountants, lawyers, bankers, and finance people - all of whom were happy to visit us at our home. With their advice and Arthur's guidance, we were able to restructure our finance and our portfolio. This in turn allowed for a much needed reorganization of our wealth creation strategy going forward.”

Francis & Jaqueline Chow

“I cannot recommend RenArt highly enough to any possible client. Their knowledge, experience and customer service is second to none when it comes to investment properties, and if, like us, you need that confident reassurance of industry professionals. They are the perfect choice for any investor.
They encompass trust, knowledge, integrity and experience, what more could you ask?”

Paul & Vicki Carter

Claim Your FREE, No-Obligation, In-House Property Discovery Session & Personalised Investment Plan

In this session, we’ll work together on discovering your needs, goals, desires, aspirations, so we could better understand you, your needs and what you want to achieve with property investing Based on that information, we will create for you a fully personalised Investment Proposal.

In other words, we hand-pick 3 properties that you can invest in, based on your goals, needs, investment capability, etc. Many firms charge at least $530 for this proposal. You get it for free.

That’s right, the entire session – along with the proposal – is valued at $530. You get it absolutely FREE. And there are no strings attached. If you want to proceed, we’ll continue talking about it. If not, the only thing you need to do is to return the Investment Proposal, and that’s it.